Juggling Old Ladies, Pt II

For those of you following our mini-saga, a quick update:

Audrey is looking much brighter (see photographic evidence) and is regaining some strength: she has taken her first steps in over ten days. Doctors are still juggling the various antibiotics to best counteract ‘the infection’ whilst closely monitoring her kidney function via ultrasound tests. 

As for Ivy, we finally reached a point where we and the care team felt that it was no longer safe for her to remain at home alone. We had to get social services involved to find her an emergency respite place and after many phone calls we learned that she had got a place at the home she and Audrey spent time in in January this year. Cue sighs of relief all round.

Audrey had obviously been doing a lot of thinking while she’s been in hospital and has decided that perhaps the time has come for her to be ‘cared for’ too. Although privately we had been thinking this we had expected a bit of a battle in persuading mum that this might be the best route for her. Imagine our shock when she put forward the suggestion herself —.

Early days yet but we are trying to stay and think positive.

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