Sometimes Facebook and Twitter just aren’t the right social media space. Facebook is full of videos of skateboarding cats and other people’s children doing ‘cute’ things; Twitter a stream of outrage about the latest celeb outburst. Every now and then you need a space to explore your thoughts and feelings. And, let’s face it,  140 characters just isn’t enough. This is  my space.

I called it Reflections because I thought that best represented what I intend to use this space for. I have a lot of interests so to have a Genealogy Blog or a Book Blog or a My-Family-Drive-Me-Insane Blog just wouldn’t cut it. They don’t. On the whole. BTW. So here you’ll find me waxing lyrical about the recent discovery of the black sheep of the family, how I felt about the latest Ken Follett, what I think about multi-generational living, co-housing or empty nest syndrome, etc. You get the picture?

A bit about me: I’m days from reaching the big 5-0 (probably another reason for starting the blog); I’m married with children aged 20 and 17, the eldest of whom is autistic; I live in a tiny village in the Yorkshire Wolds (but not for much longer?); my husband is 11 years older than me and contemplating early retirement; and we have elderly relatives who are becoming increasingly dependent on our help and support. Add these things together and you will see why we are facing some momentous lifestyle changes.




  1. I shall look forward to seeing what else you have to say. I guess we are both at that age where we have both the emptying nest thing going on plus the elderly parents that need our support. I also have a large ring binder by my feet containing a large part of my family history.


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