Dreaming up my debut novel

I’m going to tell you all about my dream. No, don’t stop reading, bear with me, I might be on to something…

In my dream I was walking with my husband and contemplating the fact that at 50 I was getting a bit old to be writing my first novel. I know, I know, you can talk all you like about Mary Wesley, but there you go.

Anyway, as we’re walking, the semblance of a story and its characters start coming to me. It’s a complex story of the relationship between a man and a woman whose relationship diverges then comes back together again, then diverges again. As the story begins to take shape, so their relationship takes on a physical shape: a double helix, like in DNA. Wacky, eh?

And then I woke up. Typical! And my first thought is: Is Thomas Piketty actually French? Well. After boggling for some time at the fact that I was thinking about Thomas Piketty at all I realised that I had been reading an article about him rejecting the Legion d’Honneur so it would seem, yes, he really is French.

My very next thought was: Wouldn’t it be awful if New Year’s Eve was your Hogwarts Day. It took me some time to realise that there was something not quite right with that thought although, being half-asleep, for a little while I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. I pondered the awfulness of being forced to relive New Year’s Eve over and over again until eventually it dawned on me: Groundhog Day! I knew there was a hog in it somewhere. Yet more minutes passed before I remembered that Groundhog Day was an actual day in the calendar and therefore it was impossible for it to co-exist with New Year’s Eve…

Anyway. Putting all of that together, maybe I have the basis of my novel? A clever, forthright man who is not afraid of expressing his opinions (Thomas Piketty type) meets a woman who is a teacher and also happens to be a witch (that bit might need some tweaking). Theirs is a complex relationship (DNA is involved) and the action takes place on successive New Year’s Eves year after year after year… Sort of a Bridget Jones-OneDay-When Harry Met Sally mashup.  © Denise Jackson, 2015.

Whaddya think? Makings of a classic?

You read it here first. Sort of.